Oil On Canvas

Lay Down Your Sword

Lay down your sword.
When your defenses are up,
there will be many battles to fight.
When you lay down your sword,
the battles will dissapar.
And then you will realize
that there are no battles on the outside-
that all those battles
which kept your sword at the ready
are on the inside.
Put down your sword.
Take down your defenses.
And the outside battles will disappear.

Then you can address the inside battles.
This demands trust in yourself
that you can find your own way,
that you don't have to carve out
your pathway with your sword.
The first step to lay down the sword,
enter the Heart,
and begin to live there.

from: Intuitive Living
By:Alan Seale

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Alan Seale said...

Thank you so much for including my poem on your site. A friend of mine discovered it and sent me the link to your blog. The poem is one of several scattered among the text in my first book, INTUITIVE LIVING: A SACRED PATH.

Your painting is wonderful and the two are beautiful together. All good wishes on your continued journey!

Alan Seale (