Hear the wind tastes like free
blooming bulbs telling stories
water talks tales of trees 
soft sunshine hits the green
and the music smells like leaves
fairies dance and you wait
and you wait and you grieve. 

Oil On Canvas


Can you hear the silence?
blaring sound vociferous feel
secretly present, wildly compelling 
forceful ally, faithful friend.

Oil On Canvas



Glimpse of light tickling your wisdom
 gentle wind open your eyes
 realize whats inside, outside nevermind  
converge, devise, oneself, revive.

Oil On Canvas


Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change it can not only move us, it makes us move.
Ossie Davis.


Today I hailed my forgotten muse
locked up in the blue cloud of pain
I miss her, and I know she forgives me
with the red incense and the dim of a candle
she returns and I meet myself
we confess with outrage
what has been dear to forget
boards of the ironies remembered
from that place where there are no metaphors,
or textures, or stories, neither stars or sun
raise flight to the place where
chimeras are transformed from blood, pain and blindness
to oil, vision and forgiveness
deluding logic and sanity
anointing fantasy in poetry and passion
so we began creating again.

Géraldine Güivas, 2008

Open & Aware

As an artist It is not imperative to believe in yourself,
you just need to keep open and in complete awareness
every channel of motivation that pushes you to create
expressions of art...
it is what keeps you alive.

Géraldine Güivas, 2008


No artist is pleased…

There is no satisfaction whatsoever at any time.
There is only queer divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others."
Martha Graham

Gazing Souls

I honor your soul
without any extra costumes or judgments.
My soul knows no limitations to understand your soul essence
because my soul already let go any ego needs
and it is aware of our lessons.
My soul knows how to love your soul
purely and unconditionally.
My soul will be waiting in the realms of love
until your ego gets defeated by your soul,
until the turmoil clears out,
until your soul gets to the blessedness of the spirit
and starts remembering.
And when that moment get here
our souls will be back together
Gazing each other in the realms of love flow,
integrity and truth.
Géraldine Güivas, 2006




Why hide instead of hold?
Why some rather die
instead of let the true feelings show?
There is love hiding under the fears
somewhere deep in the loneliness.
There is love waiting to be liberated
from the indifference and bitterness
that cause the pain.
There is love trapped, waiting
for that one chance to begin again
There is love waiting to be released, longing
for one opportunity to rebirth the harmony within our souls.

Géraldine Güivas, 2006


Oil On Canvas

Lay Down Your Sword

Lay down your sword.
When your defenses are up,
there will be many battles to fight.
When you lay down your sword,
the battles will dissapar.
And then you will realize
that there are no battles on the outside-
that all those battles
which kept your sword at the ready
are on the inside.
Put down your sword.
Take down your defenses.
And the outside battles will disappear.

Then you can address the inside battles.
This demands trust in yourself
that you can find your own way,
that you don't have to carve out
your pathway with your sword.
The first step to lay down the sword,
enter the Heart,
and begin to live there.

from: Intuitive Living
By:Alan Seale

Taste Of Midnight

Oil On Canvas

Souls looking and embracing each other.
Two bodies loosing themselves completely
becoming absent as their souls
bring more love into the gaze.
Now they are the center of the love.
Then the blessing happens
because they are absorbed in one another
and the ego, the false sense of self, moves away
pure Bliss arises...
Géraldine Güivas, 2006

Flying Away

Oil On Canvas

From Life Into Death

Exiing life, we enter death.
The flowers of life are three out of ten,
the flowers of death are three out of ten;
in the lives of people,
the dying grounds on which they are agitated
are also three out of ten.
what is the reason?
Because of the seriousness
which they take life as life.
It has been said
That those who maintain life well
do not meet rhinos or tigers on land
and do not arm themselves in war.
There is no way for rhinos to gore them;
There are no way for tigers to claw them;
There is no way for weapons to get them.
Why? Because they have no dying ground.

from the essential tao


'You can only decide
if your life will be guided
by what is is fleeting and artificial,
or what is eternal and natural...'
Geraldine Güivas, 2006

Silent Aroma

Oil On Canvas

The bliss of universal oneness
in wich all your cells pulsate together.
Yearning again and again,
to return to the garden each time you and your lover
meet on sacre ground.
You reenact the essential spiritual drama
that all life is really one spirit linked in love...


57"X34" SOLD
Oil On Canvas

For Learning Your Gain Daily

For learning your gain daily;
for the Way you lose daily.
Losing and losing,
thus you reach noncontrivance;
be uncontrived, and nothing is not done.
Taking the world is always done
by not making anything of it.
For when something is made of it,
that is not enough to take the world.

from The essential Tao by Cleary


Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love someone we don't start measuring their limbs.
"Pablo Picasso"


Yes, look inside of you to find all the answers to your life's questions.
it's sounds easy but how? Why it is sooo difficult?
How do you access that part of you that aways knows?
How do you find your inner compass?
How to trust and listen within you?
I just want to find my inner guidance but I need guidance to find it.
I just guess I need t trust myself...I just guess...
Geraldine Güivas, 2006

Delightful Abyss


Create... Why?

"I found myself telling myself: I can not live where I want, I can not go where I want, I can't do what I want and I can't even say what I want... I conclude that I would be an idiot very stupid if I didn't paint at least the way I wanted."
Georgia O'keeffe, 1923